Hello World!

Hi happy bloggers, I have decided to start a blog.

If you are wanting to know why, I will tell you right now. I always feel like I should put my feelings onto a piece of paper. I know you guys are probably thinking why I didn’t just start a diary but that’s because you can’t communicate with people in a diary and that’s not the only reason though, the other reason is that I probably wouldn’t be able to finish the first entry. I really want to show people what my feelings are and let them in on my secrets. I know that I could’ve just told this to some one I know but I haven’t got the confidence to say them aloud. I always feel like I am trapped in a cage full of anxiety. I really hope this blog works out for me because If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Right now I feel like a fizzy bottle of soda that is just waiting to open up and let it all out. I won’t be letting you know anything yet because I don’t even know if this post will get any views. If I get at least 3 views I promise you I will keep on writing posts for you all. I would just like to let every one know that I won’t be telling anyone my name on this blog because I don’t want anyone that I know to see this.

It always makes me wander if there are any other girls out there making a blog for the same reason as I did. I am pretty sure there would be because there are at least over a million reasons why girl are anxious in this world. I am going to name you 5 reasons what girls are always anxious about.                                     

1. How they look

2. How much they weigh

3. How they act around guys

4. How much they eat

5. How popular they are

Those are 5 reason why girls are always anxious right there. I have to admit that I can be anxious about those things is well though.

Any way I really hope you enjoyed this post and remember to leave a comment and like on this post if you did enjoy it, you know what, I don’t even know if they have likes on this, apologies if they don’t. Bye Bye xoxo.